1. Enter your Registration Code supplied to you in the flyer in the Registration Code box under New Users on the right hand side.
  2. Login and Registration Page
  3. Click Register to proceed to the Register A New Vendor Page.
  4. In the Register A New Vendor Page, please enter your company name, Email address, and create a password. Your Email address will also be your Username for your newly created account.
  5. On bottom of the Register a New Vendor Page, your business and address should be displayed under Company. If this address is incorrect, please contact your Elite EXTRA service provider.
  6. Click Register to create your new account.
  7. Registration Page
  8. A confirmation Email will then be sent to your entered Email address. You must click the link within the confirmation email to confirm your account registration. This link will take you back to you Elite Extra Customer Page.
  9. Enter your Username (your Email address) and Password to log in
  10. Once logged in, you are able to view the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of any en route deliveries from your dealers supported by Elite EXTRA.
  11. Order Tracking Page
  12. For a more detailed look at your orders for each individual dealer, click on the dealer name located under ?ELITE EXTRA DEALERS? in the left sidebar or to the right of the ETA Box.
  13. Once inside the Individual Dealer Page, you are able to view the ETAs for all En Route Deliveries and details of all Pending and Past Orders. You can also search past orders by using the search fields on the bottom of the page.
  14. Individual Dealer Page Tracking Page